Filosofi Karate Master Yasutsune Itosu

  1. Karate should be practiced not for your own interest, but for protection your parents, and it never meant to hurt anyone.
  2. Karate is practiced to make muscles and bones hard as a rock and to make arms and legs substitutes for spears; hence it is practical that it help our military society to come. The first Duke of Wellingtong said when he defeated Napoleon I:”Our victory today was attained in our schoolyards.”
  3. Karate cannot be mastered in a short time. One to two hours of hard training everyday for three or four years will make your master karate.
  4. Karate requires such strong hands and feet that you should practice striking one to two hundred time each.
  5. Karate should be practiced with your loins straight up, lungs wide upon, shoulders down and feet firmly on the ground.
  6. Karate kata should be practiced with its practical use in your mind.
  7. Karate kata should be practiced for the idea whether it is for physical training or for its practical use.
  8. Karate should be practiced with intensity as if you are on the battlefield.
  9. Karate should be practiced properly for your physical strength.
  10. Karate masters have lived longer because it develops muscle and bone, help to digestive organs, and improve the circulation of blood. Therefore, karate should be practiced in physical education courses in elementary schools and up.
--Yasutsune 'Anko' Itosu, October 1908
Source: Book ‘Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate’, by Pat McCarthy. [Blog Kindo]
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